hey, i'm molly!

i’m 28 years young and tucked away in NH with my fiance, our daughter and golden retriever.

you can typically find me frolicking barefoot in the forest while chasing the sunset.  my work is definitely fueled by nature.  i love photographing outdoors as much as possible.  i’m a very earthy person and rainy days feed my soul.

if you’re not a fan of sun flare, then we probably won’t get along.  if it’s sunny while we’re shooting, you better believe i’m going to let that sun flare sneak into some of your images!

i’m more about getting the real life, raw, natural moments… rather then stopping every couple minutes to make sure every aspect is ‘’perfect’’.  if you want to just live in the moment and have fun, then we will get along great!

too inspired to be tired, is my motto.  i am definitely a workaholic and think there is never enough hours in a day.  i thrive during the night, this is when i’m the most inspired and get the most done.

i graduated from new england school of photography (nesop) in 2013 majoring in portraiture//weddings and minoring in creative imaging.

i’ve been photographing weddings for eight years.

i’m a new mom, aunt and was a nanny for six years.  being around children and working with children just comes natural for me.  i’ve even been gifted the name the ‘’child whisperer’’.

if you’re a fan of getting lost in nature, raw, unposed photographs then we will definitely get along great.



Featured in Boston Voyager Magazine - http://bostonvoyager.com/interview/art-life-molly-burns/